Saturday, September 21, 2013

participatie is in het nederlands "deelneming"

het nieuwe nedergedaalde goddelijke wezen predikt de "participatiemaatschappij"

ik hoorde het begrip eerder in bijv. 2007 van dhr Abraham de Kruyff - ida innovatie - o.a. in sferen als CHE politics en Mens en Spirit alsmede wereldfederalisten bond

natuurlijk is -wordt !?- iedereen betrokken bij elke doorleefde verandering / benadering

daarvoor heten wij een volk , "the Dutch"

geldt er nog wel een volk? vroeg de Argentijnse gemaalin zich in den beginne af toen bleek dat de handelsnatie zich afrekent in contanten of boekhoudkundig gestaafde posten?

Wat is er veranderd?

als vrijgesteld ambtenaar voor het element water en communicatie kwam ik zo in het veld van de controversioneel denkende en visioenen ziende Hugh Schonfield

mensen die daar het fijne van willen onderzoeken kunnen zich tot mij wenden

cees at attent-qi punt nederland

een Engelse benadering zoals ingezet door mijn gesprekspartner, Stephen Engelking :


The Servant Nation idea as expressed originally in the Mondcivitan Republic was the creation of a nation to serve mankind with no territory of its own, thus having no self interest. Hugh Schonfield was instrumental in its establishment.

The basic idea was to build local communities rather like amongst the Jews in diaspora in the past. Hugh Schonfield himself was a Jew who had embraced Jesus as the Messiah based on decades of research into Judeo-Christian history. He based his idea on his view that the true Messianic ideal was that Israel, opened to all, would become the Servant of Mankind. The Mondcivitan Republic (or Commonwealth of World Citizens as it was originally called) was also influenced by the then upcoming World Citizen movement around Gary Davis and others.
Whilst this idea is in many ways compatible to the Servant Nation concept, many did not understand the subtle yet important difference which is contained in a Nation or people set apart to the service of mankind. This is the only way to provide the world as a whole with a soul, badly lacking in present power politics. The Mondcivitan is a political translation of the role of Jesus as Messiah rather than a religious view of him, and whist its citizens would be World Citizens, their approach would be that of a minority nation rather than a majority rule. To understand the thinking behind Schonfield's idea, it is essential to read thePolitics of God as well as By What Authority?.

The early Servant Nation movement under the name of the Mondcivitan Republic was also joined by the International Arbitration League which had been founded back in the late 19th Century by the Nobel Peace Prize winner Sir William Randal Cremer. The League felt the emphasis on mediation and arbitration rather than by war and violence meant that the League could integrate its activities into the Republic. Mondcivitans were not permitted to take part in war or any action which would inhibit their impartiality.

It should be emphasized that the Servant Nation idea is certainly universalistic and not restricted to Judeo-Christian culture. The binding idea is that god (which is left to your understanding) has a unique plan for mankind which man has yet to understand and fulfill, the Hebrew people having been trained and developed throughout their history to further that plan (thus leading to the notion of the Universal Renewed Israel). It is about the spirit of service rather than power in the sense of “Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit saith the Lord” (Zechariah 4:6). This idea revives the ancient idea of Messianism, giving it a modern perspective.
The Republic was initially very successful but things changed a lot in the world after 1952 when it was formally constituted. After the Second World War there was more interest in finding ways which would help ensure that it could not happen again. Since then, the Superpowers, the auspice of terrorism and the economic influence on world politics has meant that such things as mediation might have seemed to have lost their attraction and relevance.
The Republic dwindled to a handful of people and its constitution was finally suspended, the responsibility finally being given over to the Schonfield Trust until such a time that a new people would arise who would re-interpret the idea for their age. Recently there has been a growing interest in the idea again and perhaps that time is coming upon us. At the moment we are just a handful of people who want to explore if and how this can be done. We want to avoid the mistakes made before where the Republic may have been too formal a "nation" - though not a nation state.

John Lennon who had been influenced by Schonfield's ideas was well on the way to getting a grass roots movement going through his music (the song Imagine is inspired by this idea). As we know, he was unfortunately assassinated.
In the present state of the world, plagued with corruption, financial scandals, etc., the challenge for us now is to find a way to realize the idea of a Servant Nation without all the trappings of bureaucracy. For this purpose, we are in the process of creating a Round Table of those who would like to be instrumental in the rebirth of a Nation of Service. This round table should be open to all who feel they can learn more about the beginnings and rationale of a Servant Nation and contribute towards making it happen in reality based on the original principles:

No-one is an Enemy
No-one is a Foreigner
Service to All
Complete Impartiality
Work for Peace
True Democracy
Equity and Justice

Through mediation, service and being an example to others.