Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the 27 powers aligned

in the array for 27 daya a day we have actually 27 spices of interest ... 20 of them are singular however also entangable in the serial teamwork at charge in a mission ...; 7 of them are twins - 6 double egged and 1 single egged ... as human twins show up in formations ...

the twenty aligned in formations of 4 (5 lines):

birth spirit abundance flowering

life-force death accomplishment elegance

universal-water heart magic free-will

space timelessness vision intelligence

navigation endlessness self-generation universal-fire


then the seven are doubles - the last one 1 egg doubled:

unify - endure

polarize - dedicate

activate - dissolve

define - perfect

empower - pulse

organize - harmonize

channel - channel

then they all bow at 28 which is the zero mirror - synchronizing uneven accounts

that is all at a linguistical dialectic approach ...

lets merge into the fusing unity ...